Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So This Happened Last Week....

Well, I guess I knew it was too good to be true, a dog the NEVER chewed anything he wasn't supposed to.....
Ringo, Ringo, Ringo......Deep sigh-at least a replacement is only $20, it could be worse. A new one is on it's way.
On Sunday I did a little repair job for DD. The horn wasn't working on little Sparky, so of course, start with the simple thing, the fuse.  Which, as it turns out, wasn't so simple as I thought it would be. 
Did you know there are at least 4, yes FOUR! different sizes of little fuses? I knew there was regular kind-Oh the good old days!, and there are mini, but there is also MICRO size and these mini, LOW PROFILE fuses-really? Dang car people, what's wrong with keeping a simple standard!!???
Anyways, I got the correct one-I should mention that it would have been helpful if the old fuse was available, to compare and match, right? Unfortunately DD had lost that little tiny fuse when she took it out....deep sigh. Truly it is a tiny little thing!
Now, here's what the diagram in the manual looks like. We're going for fuse number 8 for the horn. Ok, looks simple enough right? HaHaHa! Those crazy folks in Chevy car planning obviously don't have a clue what the actual fuse box looks like. Here it is.
I think they could use a little practice in making the diagram match the reality. After a little  searching and taking a couple of good guesses, I finally got the fuse popped into the correct slot. What a Pain! Now little Spark has her horn back! YAY! That's enough for me!

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