Sunday, June 11, 2017

Computer Day

 So I got my Mom a new computer. This one! It's very neat and tidy. It might have a slight learning curve to go from Windows Vista to Windows 10 though. But at least it's all up to date now.
 I only had two issues with the whole thing, 1 was this printer. Deep won't print in black ink. I know, it seems so simple, change the ink cartridge...well that didn't work. Check the levels screen, nope. Clean and print test pages, nope. Align ...nope. I guess it'll be a new printer for Mom next. THe other issue involved getting her emial address book on to her new computer-you'd think it would be there and easy...but Nooooo! Not easy and not there.
We went for lunch and made a stop over at an Antique/Junk shop near State Center.
 E-29 Pickers at the Big Red Barn located off county Rd E-29 by Sate Center, Iowa had a nice little shop in their barn. I have this same Miller sign going in my yard sale on the 24th. Come and buy it for a lot less than $50.
 Here are a few of the items on display in the shop.
 Since it's located in the middle of no where, I think they must have a pretty dedicated clientele.
Anyways, it was a nice diversion from the computer drama.

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