Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day at SugaPeach

So it was Father's Day on Sunday . DD and Uber Son along with the family took Hubs out for lunch. We tried a new place called SugaPeach, located in North Liberty, Iowa.
SugaPeach is set up kind of like a cafeteria. You can see the selections and choose what you like. There's a big menu too. Hubs was pleased to have some okra and collard greens.
Son had the Chicken & waffle.
I think Lovely Jean had the sampler, chicken & fish with a side. The food was good and the people there were so very kind and took care of every little thing we could have wanted.
There's one in every crowd and Young Kevin was it on this day.
 I like the simple graphics on the walls at SugaPeach-this one mentions many well known Southern cooks. Another has cafeterias and eateries of Southern renown.
A quick family shot before everyone left to get busy with the work of the day! Everyone is so busy on the weekends, we were lucky to get this time together!
Happy Father's Day to my hubby-what a couple of great kids we have!

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