Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yard Sale Weekend

 So I got DD up early and we got the yard sale all out of the garage. We had good shoppers the entire day! From 7am-1pm we had people there almost all the time. We ended up doing pretty well. Julie sold her shoes and made pretty good money and I sold so much stuff! About $300 between us all. I made a haul to the Salvation Army with the rest. Done for a long time!!

 Jaymie made a killing on the cuteness of her lemonade stand! The stand worked out really well.
And the only really big thing we had left was this cool rocking chair. I've got it posted on the facebook group so maybe it will get sold yet!
 Then on Sunday I did a little home maintenance. The front porch steps were feeling a little bouncy. I tipped it up and then could see that the screws are failing. The cross beam underneath had come un done.
 A few new screws in there and that's all done!
 Looks good, and now when you step it feels firm!
 I did a little garage sitting then with Ringo. Bob came out to visit with him. They seem to have an understanding.
 Bob liked playing with the long leash!
 And the last thing for the weekend was spending a little time with the family. And look Uber Son has a haircut!
 I guess he was ready for a summer hairdo! He's a handsome fella no matter what I say!
And I'm getting the hang of the selfie...well sort come the kids all look cute as can be, but I look weird? Oh well... Done!

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