Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fix it Time

 So, the microwave oven stopped working. It turned on but the turntable didn't turn and there was no heating up happening. So I googled what to do, and it seems like there is a door switch that is bad and can easily be replaced...if you believe the youtube folks. Well first thing is the screws on the cover of the microwave are this unique kind. They have a bump in the middle so I had to go find the proper tool. It only took me two trips to the hardware store to get the right bit!
The T20 size was the right one...who knew?!
Here's what it looks like inside the microwave.
 And here's the switch that might be bad...well I watched the youtube video again and I was supposed to check the current before I removed it...ooopsy, so I poke it back in there......
 And guess what? It worked. The switch must have been loose or something because when I put it back together it worked just fine! Well how about that!!
 The other thing I fixed, well finished, was this-it was a project in a nice plastic bin that Mom started...I'm guessing in 1982...when I moved her sewing stuff around, I came across it.
There wasn't a pattern with directions with it, but it looked like the pieces she had cut out it was going to be some kind of tote bag. So I just made my own idea of what it should look like. Shae had the top bottom and four sides cut out of the quilted on both sides with coordinating  fabric and she had lining parts out of rip stop nylon.

And here's what I came up with. A cute picnic kind of bag with a zipper on top and lines with the nylon fabric. It could also work for swimming suits or damp stuff too.
 I think it's pretty cute, and there's nothing better looking than a finished project!!

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