Sunday, November 19, 2017

So, awhile back, I signed up for this quilt along. A block was posted every week, and at the end you'd have a big quilt. See, like this block from week 3-I think.
 Moda Bakeshop Oda May's School of Sewing
The quilt a long was also a kind of a mystery too. They didin't give a picture of the actual quilt, just  a black & white drawing.  
SO, I had a hard time getting it together. I discovered that I like things where you can cut out all the parts and know you have enough fabric. I decided to use scraps from my blue and green bins and the gold background fabric I had in stash.

 And it went OK, I liked making the blocks, but the drawing didn't really show all the borders and additional sashing that needed to be added here and there.
And I did get it all together. I had zero gold fabric left so I had to make do. I always imagine that's what folks did back in the day when they were making quilts. They sure didn't go buy more fabric-and I had purchased that gold on vacation, and couldn't find anymore around.

 Mom ended up getting my backing fabric for me-thanks Mom! So I was quilting it on Bernie, and as I was struggling to move the quilt, I couldn't see what I was hung up on.....
Ringo was laying on the quilt as I was free motion quilting it!
It is a big quilt, so I was really working to move it around on Bernie, and Ringo was not helping in the least!
 SO I got it all done and used the leftover backing fabric for the binding too. It looks good, I think!
 See it's actually bigger than my full size bed! SO I'm glad to have this project done.
I didn the quilting a little different, I just made squiggly lines on all the blocks, the quilt was so big that it was the only was I could see to do it. It is far from perfect, but it will be warm and cozy!

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