Thursday, July 12, 2018

Homeward from Florida-Fianl vacation Post!

 Gosh! I sure did have a great time with my cousins on vacation! I just need to wrap up my great vacation.MCK & MCR (MCR=My Cousin Robin MCK=My Cousin Kathy) stopped for a quick pic before we loaded the car and headed to the airport.  MCR was so smart she was the one who decided to have a rental car-EXCELLENT IDEA! we were able to go everywhere we wanted plus we didn't need to trouble anyone with getting us to the airport on time! Thank you Aunt Bev for all the wonderful hospitality!!
 I don't think I posted these pictures from the beginning of our journey. I thought the Delta flights were  good-look-they have video in every seat so you can watch a movie or follow the map. The seating is cozy-I sure do understand how some people get crazy, it's all pretty tight and if you have annoying people around you it could be tough-but I feel like it all went well. I din't have any annoying people around me!
 This was the snack I got in Minneapolis-we were a little ahead of time and thought we should have a little something before we take off. This food service system was sure new to me! Yes I paid $8.78 for some potato chips on a plate and a soda!! I still laugh about those chips-eight dollars worth of fun indeed!
 We weren't hungry enough to pay $40 for a Rib eye steak though.....
 People always make a fuss about the prices at the airport. I guess that's true, but the kiosks have everything. And once you've passed though the checkpoints, then you are kind of captured!
Anyways it was fun and an adventure for me who doesn't really spend time in airports ordinarily. Thank goodness I had my tour guide MCR! OK, so here we go, time to head home!!
 See here we are getting ready to head home! I wish I had taken a picture of the secuity checkout place. We had TSA pre check, so we didn't have to take off our shoes or anything-it was really simple and painless. BUT I did get stopped on the way  out though. They wanted to inspect my backpack after it went through the X ray scanner. They took almost everything out and looked it over, I had my purse in the backpack so I thought maybe I had some contraband that I forgot about, but they didn't see any issues. I got to thinking later that I bet it was the little anvil that I was bringing back to my Dad that made them look. The FLA family had found the tiny little anvil and gifted it to Dad. Can you imagine what an anvil looks like in an x ray?
 The Orlando airport is really pretty cool-look you can actually stay in the hotel INSIDE the airport...
 there are restaurants and kiosks-it's just about like going to the mall anywhere!
 And who needs a mall when you have Best Buy vending machines!?! Crazy-whoever thought of that was a genius!
 And away we go! Dramamine is my friend on take off and landing! That roller coaster feeling is not a good  thing!
 Bye by FLA.....
 Hello Home!
SO the cousins vacation was a great success I think! My FLA family members could not have been nicer or more accommodating! Staying at Aunt Bev's house saved us a ton! Plus it was great having a home base. My cousin Paul and his Wife Lillian were so sweet and had us to their home for supper-sooo delicious!! And the whole week was a dream for me! I didn't have to drive ANYWHERE! We had our wonderful tour guides-I can't over emphasize how nice it is to have people in the car who know where we are going!! Google maps is our friend, but humans in the car with actual knowledge are even better!!! SO let's see, where shall we go next year my dear cousins??!

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