Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rowing For The WIN!!!

 So I got my rows all done...Bob was helping me with the layout.
 I always have a hard time making things look good together, when they are all different. It was even harder this year because the rows were available in different sizes.

 I think I got it worked out. What do you think Bob?
 SO I went outside and used my garage door spray basting wall! LOL! I pieced the backing out of  fabric I got while I was on vacation.
 Love the spray baste! It works so well! I just used masking tape to hole the backing smooth, then sprayed and added the batting, then one more spray and added the top and TA-DA quilt sandwich is done!
 Looks good hanging there doesn't it!
 I do like how it turned out.
 Here it is all done! I went outside and pinned it to my clothesline-I just got it last weekend at a yard sale for only $3!!!
 The sun is pretty bright....
 But you can see the Amana block with the OOM-PAH! THe block below that is the one from over in Ankeny. Quilters Cupboard had this block for their row, but I just couldn't manage to work it out so I changed it to
a night time look!
I really like how it came out!The top block with the hearts and the bottom block are the ones from Minnesota.

 And here's the backside....
 And here's what I won when I took the finished quilt in to the nice folks at Heritage Designs over in Amana.
They are also displaying my quilt in their shop!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

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Shannon Dario said...

You should be excited! So glad you won. I love how you changed the farm scene and the background fabric. I am very impressed. My craft room is done now and my goal is to finish unfinished projects and get caught up. We will see how long that takes!