Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Rowing In FLA and MINN and IA too!

So, I got started on the Row by Row Experience last year, and had such fun I thought I'd try to get some rows from Florida while I was there. Luckily the event started on Thursday-we were flying out on Friday! You can see the map with all of the participating Quilt Shops Here.  ANd if you want to see last years quilt, that Post is Here. So my cousins are pretty wonderful people, but they are not big quilters...well MCR does a little quilting, but MCK...not so much and Aunt Bev, well she was in for a treat!!!
 This is waht their row block looks like. I got the pattern and also a little bit of fabric.
 They had such a cute shop-always nice to fondle fabric!

 Next Stop  THE SEWING STUDIO FABRIC SUPERSTORE 9605 S US HIGHWAY 17/92 in Maitland FL. Now remember that my lovely hosts had NEVER BEEN TO A LOCAL QUILT SHOP! So with the help of Google Maps, and careful navigation we made it!
 They had these wonderful old machines in the window on display. This is what their row looks like.
 Then on we wnet to shop number three on the Row by Row List. Wandering Stitches Quilt Studio
5818 HOFFNER AVE, SUITE 905 In Orlando Fl.This shop reminded me so much of the one I went to in N.C. last year.
Here's their row- they made their row into a big quilt!

 And our 4th and last stop was at  QUILTS & MORE 11601 S ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL in Orlando. Here's your tip-Google maps doesn't locate this shop well at all! Try searching for the La-z-boy store instead-it's right next door.
Here's what their row looks like!  They were very nice and were in the process of remodeling their store. Still I was able to find a few bits of fabric...Oh I know! It's a struggle, but I had to keep in mind the space in my suitcase!!
 After all of that it was time for a treat!!!
 See there, MCK is giving directions to those folks. I tell you, I would have never been able to make it to all those shops with out MCR driving and MCK and Aunt Bev navigating!! It was a real thrill for me to get the rows from all those shops!
 And here's the loot I came home with!
Plus MCR and me made a couple of quick stops in Minnesota before it was too late after our flight arrived on Friday.
We stopped at QUILT COVE in Eagan MN and got their row.
And we also got a row from QUILTER'S HAVEN in Rosemount MN. SO I have 6 of the 8 required rows and I picked up the rest when I got home to Iowa!
Here's the row from Heritage Designs over in Amana, Iowa
And the row from Fern Hill Quilts & Gifts also in Amana, Iowa. It's the only square one in the bunch.
I'm not liking that so far, but we'll see. More to come about the Row by Row as I get rowing!

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Shannon Dario said...

I love the quilt postings. Of course the music theme makes my heart go pitter pat. I can't wait to see what you make!