Sunday, February 10, 2019

First Auction of 2019 & a Glass Replacement

So I stopped at an Estate auction being held up at Hawkeye Downs on Saturday. They had a lot of interesting stuff.
 Lots of books and toys, and unique things. Darn, I thought I had a picture of the hoof pin cushion-it was the oddest thing!
 That little farm set was sure cute-in the box at the front of the photo.
 And a picnic basket too-I have one like this one already though. New Era potato chips-that's a new one on me! I did bid on a couple of books, but got beat out, but I did get a basket of hankies (maybe another quilt??) for only $10.
Can you see the crack in Hub's car windshield? It starts down at the bottom just to the right of the VIN tag, then goes up and veers off  towards the passenger side. As I was driving into town for the glass replacement appointment, it cracked further-all the way across the windshield! Safelite repair, Safelite Replace!!

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