Saturday, February 16, 2019

Snow Days

 I just finished snow blowing the driveway last Tuesday, and then it started Snowing AGAIN!
 It's starting to feel like a REAL winter...Thinking of poor Laura, Ma & Pa and Carrie and Mary in the Little House on the Prairie...the Long Winter
Or do you remember Lois Lenski's Prairie School-the kids get snowed in with their teacher Miss Martin, and poor Delores has an appendicitis attack and almost dies but the train makes it through the snow and her brave teacher gets her though the snow in time! What a great book...I think I'll look for it at the library next week.
 It was icy-the branches on the trees made that unique noise that only icy branches can make when they smack together.
 My goofy dog doesn't mind it a bit. He just runs and plays like it's a day on the beach!
The wind was blowing so hard it made the icicles bend out the back garage door when I got home from work! At least I'm not freezing in the school with my teacher or twisting straw to burn to keep warm.

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