Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rainy Auction Day

 This big hill is where cars parked to go to the farm auction at the top of the hill. It was a little hike-a lot of hike for my Mom though! Thankfully they had golf carts running folks and their purchases back and forth throughout the day.
 Dad out bid the competition to get the two anvils he wanted....and thankfully the carts gave him a lift to the pick up with them!
 See these two anvils on the bumper of the cart? It was a good way to go! And a great way to get through the mud!
 Most of the .ittle stuff on hay racks was in the machine shed-the rain just wasn't letting up!
 I saw this giant safe-it's pretty cool-I bet it weighs more than anvils!
Mom and me got out of the rain and went to the fabric store...we're smart that way! We got back just in time to help get Dad load up to go! He had to get pulled out of the mud though-poor pick up just couldn't manage the slimy mud! I don't think we'll go to day two!

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