Sunday, May 26, 2019


 So Saturday is often library day for me. Today at the Coralville Public Library, they had a letter press demonstration! Very nice people explained about the Makers Space located in downtown , and gave everyone a chance to try out the letter press machine!
 Love a little creativity at the library!
 Lovely Jean went with me to dump some junk at the landfill-on the way  back we saw a big turtle creeping onto the highway. I pulled over and Jean turned the big guy around and headed him into the ditch. One turtle rescued!
 We've got DD's pup Riley visiting too! Bob is just not too sure about her.
 And I also dropped off my entry in the Map My Oxford Art Contest at the oxford Library. T His is the backside. The idea is people are supposed to create art based on Oxford, then they are planning to auction them off during the sesquicentennial.
 Here's the front! I crazy pieced the background then used Benrnie's cool stitches to make the streets and railroad tracks. I asked what the prize for the contest is, and they didn't know! Well that's another project done!

And I needed to get the flag changed out-it's Memorial Day weekend after all. The big storms the last week or so, have really taken a toll on Old Glory.  Hubs will take the old flag to his American Legion for retirement. There-that's much better! Now if it will just stay dry for a day so my gardener can get my lawn mowed!!

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