Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Shop the Stash- Baby Quilts

 So I've been whittling down my stash as much as I can. I bought a little bit of fabric last month and it's crying to be sewn. SO I pulled these two panels off the fabric shelf. They've been there for YEARS!
Here they are on the garage door getting spray basted-between the rain showers! Those magnetic hooks work so well!
 Clifford was a good size all alone, but the jungle animals one was really skinny.  I saw a flower block in a magazine that had a leafy stem, so I just extended that to make a long row to add to the jungle.
 I love how it looks all modern!
 Then I also had two more panels-these are the 3 little pigs.  After the latest downpour, I hurried outdoors to get them spray basted too!
 And here they are ready to wash-a quick meandering quilt job on all 4 quilts looks really great!
 Pigs, Clifford and jungle animals.
 All ready to go! I'm ready for the next baby to come along! And I got a little bit of fabric off the shelf! It seems like a month hardly goes by without someone needing a baby quilt!
Oh and I still love this block of leaves. Yay for stash fabrics!

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