Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Milwaukee Vacation Part 2

 Day 2 took us to the Harley Davidson Museum. This is number 1, pretty cool to see it.
 The exhibits are really awesome! So much to see!
 Things you never knew about HD and some really great bikes.
 We spent a couple of hours touring the main building...
 It's a lot to take in!
 The re are also the archives, this is the motor room!

 Currently there is a special display of Daredevils! It was in a separate display area, and was also really cool to see.
 The museum is several areas, they have event venues for rent-you could have your wedding there, and also a restaurant and gift shop.
 This is the main entrance.
 After we had a little time in the gift shop we drove over to the Miller Brewing company.

 The High Life Cruiser in the parking lot was so cool-it was easy to imagine driving around in it!
 Inside was filled with all kinds of advertising memorabilia.
 We had thought we'd take the tour, but it is not handicap accessible, so we skipped it and headed for Green bay.
 Lambeau Field is home to the Green Bay Packers, and they have the largest gift shop I've ever seen!
 This truckload of cheddar heads was there. Then out to the atrium, it's huge! Fun fact we learned on the tour, the designs on the floor of the atrium, align with the lines on the football field, so if you removed the walls and had clear vision lines, they would all line up.
 It's the 100th birthday of the Packers.
 I parked hubs up top and went down the stairs to get these pictures of Curley Lambeau and Vince Lombardi.

 It was a beautiful day to take the tour.  I highly recommend taking the tour-we just did the cheap one, and it was totally worth it!
 The tour guide took us up to the Alumni Suites. If you ever played for the Packers, you can use the Alumni Suite to watch the game.
 They are pretty posh, nice seats, the windows open and there are food and beverage areas.

 In the hall is artwork of the people who have had their numbers retired from the Green Bay Packers.

 Then it was down to the lower levels. We got to go through the tunnel that the players use to enter the field!
 Here we go.....
 They played a recording of the crowd as we enter the field!
 And we're on the field!
 It's amazing how big the place is!
 I touched the grass! Now when I watch on TV this season, I'll see my grass!

 This is the tunnel that the visiting team uses to enter the field. See how tiny it is compared to the Home team tunnel? They say it's a psychological advantage.

 It was a great tour. Even Hubs who hates tours thought it was alright.

I'm off to collect a couple of Row By Row quilt blocks in Green Bay. Then we met my Cousin and his family in Port Washington for a beverage, before heading back to the hotel for the night. Port Washington was a really interesting little town-right on the water-go figure HaHa!

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