Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Vacation Row By Row

 So, while we were on vacation in Wisconsin, I collected the patterns for the Row By Row Experience. I've done this for a few years now, in the end I come out with a nice vacation souvenir quilt! Hubby is always very patient while I navigate our way to all these quilt shops. He waits patiently while I collect the patterns and I just may purchase a little bit of fabric too!
 Here's a screen shot of the row from the shop in Madison, the theme for the Row by Row is Taste the Experience, so all the rows a food themed.
 This sushi row had sooo many tiny pieces to applique on.
 I got all the rows put together, and here I have it spray basted outside on the garage door. That row in the corner, Chef Cheesie, is from My Favorite Quilt Shop in Green Bay WI. The Row by Row allows for several different sizes of blocks, or rows, I had a hard time fitting Chef Cheesie in there!
 I was getting close on the tread! I love it when I don't run out!LOL!
 Here's that sushi row all finished.
 And I like the way this row from Quintessential Quilts also in Madison came out. I used some trims for the frosting layers.
 The ice cream row is from Quilting Divas in Green Bay, WI and the turtles row is from Twin Turtle Quilts in Clinton, WI.
 The Cheers row is from Sew Much More in Waukesha WI, I added the soda bottles to that row-I thought it needed a little something. And the Quilt-Eat-Sleep row is from Heritage Designs over in Amana, IA. Don't you love the Hawkeye I's!
 The tall Corn row is from Helio's Stitches & Stuff over in Mt Vernon, IA, and the log cabin blocks are part of the row from Home Ec Workshop in Iowa City, IA.
 See that cute license plate! I thought it was perfect since at our house Hubs does all the cooking!
 I added a name badge to Chef Cheesie, and I didn't stitch around the sushi-it seemed to look better just ironed on. Later on I'll need to do something to it, since I know it won't wash well.
 I used some license plate print fabric to fill in the gaps. I got it at one of the shops along the way...maybe the electric needle-Hubs and I laughed, we thought it sounded like the name for a tattoo shop rather than a quilt shop and guess what? There's a tattoo shop next door!LOL!
 All Quilted, bound and finished.
 Here's the back I pieced together form the Wisconsin fabrics I bought on vacation. Such a nice souvenir! I loved the grey Wisconsin print.
 And the rainbow print is the cities that were participating in the WI State Shop Hop, which was also most of the shops I visited!
 The rules say you have to use at least 8 rows and if you're the first to bring a finished quilt in to a participating shop you win!  So off I went over to  Heritage Designs in Amana , Iowa and collected my prize!
A nice fat quarter bundle and a gift certificate. Winner, winner Chicken Dinner! Here's a link Row by Row Experience if you want to see if you have shops near you. There's still time to collect patterns and get a quilt finished. It doesn't have to be a good quilt, just a finished quilt!

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