Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Shop Hop Quilt

 SO a few weeks ago I collected stamps from lots of quilt shops that were participating in the All Iowa Quilt Shop Hop. Along with the shop hop, there is also a fabric line. I got some of the fabric as I was hopping.
 That center panel got me to thinking about a medallion style quilt. Remember I made on of those a couple of years ago on the Moda bakeshop Quilt along?
 So, I used some of the blocks from that quilt and a few more from other sources too.
 Here's the top...I couldn't get a good look at it, so I clipped it up on the clothes line for a picture.

 It was kind of windy, but I like how it looks-I was trying to decide if I wanted borders or not. I think not.
 Off to the garage door for some spray basting. I'm a little late in the day, so the sun its really hot and bright!
 I'm using a different batting on this one. Hobbs 80-20. It's 80% cotton and 20% poly. Quite a few quilt bloggers have been enthusiastic about it. We'll see.
 And here we go, a quick meandering quilt job!
 I pieced the back out of the left over fabrics-lucky I had enough! One of the prints was a border print, so I used that on the back too.
 Hmmm, not a very good picture of that border print-it has sayings about Iowa. Is this heaven?, Keep calm and live in Iowa, things like that. The darker yellow and blue and green fabrics have the names of all the shops printed on it.
 The large center panel is 24" square and when you purchase it there are two smaller panels printed on the yardage too. I thought I'd use them up too, and put one on the back. The other one?.....well I cut it up thinking to use it as center blocks, but it didn't really look good sooo.....
 Here it is all quilted and ready for a wash. I used almost all the scraps to make the binding. Is it just me or does that backwards sewing machine bother you? Grrr, obviously the fabric designer was not a sewist.
I like the way this one came out, we'll see how that batting feels after a wash.

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