Thursday, August 1, 2019


 All last year I was going on and on about getting the driveway sealed this summer. You may remember that my wonderful family sealed it a few years ago. They said they would never do that again.
 So after about 20 phone calls to people who do this kind of work,and most of them telling us they were booking work into the fall right now,  we had a guy come knocking and Hubs hired him on the spot! They were in town doing another driveway and so were seeing if they could hustle up a little more work. I'm always skeptical about folks who knock on the door, but they did the work and Hubs paid them afterwards.
They sealed the big cracks the way we wanted and sealed the whole thing for $500. They even came back the next day and put the front steps back in  place. We'll be calling Black Star Asphalt out of Ottumwa, IA when we need the driveway sealed again. And now my loved ones will not need to come and seal my driveway! They'll be thrilled!

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