Monday, August 5, 2019

Boatie McBoat Face

 A wonderful gal at work asked me if I could make her a new cover for her little paddle boat. I said I would sure try it! Here's what she brought me-it's in pretty sad shape, but I got good measurements from it.
 She just cut off the old cover-it was so rotten, but I needed to make pockets for the rods to fit in. It's actually like an awning, not really a cover. I wasn't sure that those little holes were for, but I stitched them in like giant square button holes.
I found this pretty swirly fabric-it reminded me of the ocean-at Joann's it is their brand of outdoor "sunbrella" type of fabric. I hope it will hold up well-it's very easy to sew.
 And here it is with some boat friends! It looks pretty darn good I think! My work friend took these pictures for me so I could blog about it. She did a great job!
 Here's a couple more views. The little holes that I was worried about are to add stability to the top. She just hooked a bunjie cord in each side and it worked great.
Looks like they had a good time in the boat with some good shade!

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