Sunday, November 10, 2019

Not the Best Week Ever

 SO I spent some time in the garage last weekend. It's time. Time to rotate the yard equipment. Good by lawn mower, hello snow blower. Things went down hill from there though.....
 I stopped at Costco to pick up a few things, like Charmin....what the heck? NO CHARMIN? What's going on in the world?!
 I did stop at the library book sale...I got 3 puzzles....I don't know, I thought, it'd be fun to do a puzzle.
 Earlier in the week though.....Yes that adorable pup, Finn, had several bad days-who knew that record albums could be eaten. While he is alone for just a few hours, he seems to be like a 3 year old toddler with 2 unattended minutes.
Such a sweet lil fella-just can't be trusted alone though.
And this picnic basket will never be the same. Deep sigh! We're trying to get him to play with more of the dog toys, busy interactive toys, that's the "expert" recommendation. We'll see.

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