Thursday, November 21, 2019

This Little Beauty Named Lyric

 Sew, I picked up this little beauty on October 25. I've been holding off on this post to tell about it because I wanted to run her through her paces.
 This is Baby Lock Lyric. I'm really enjoying the list of things she'll do! She has a nice slim free arm, she also has a nice big extension table and a just right sized free arm tool box insert.  Auto thread cutter, needle threader-and that threader hasn't missed threading the needle yet!- and a good looking stitch, so far on all of them I've tried out!
 She has 5 built in alphabets and can sew them really well. I also needed to have the needle up/down selection, auto tension, and easy to drop feed dogs. The tension is actually called manual in the literature, but it automatically adjusts when you change stitches, but you can also adjust it with the display screen. Good looking blanket stitch and it adjusts size without loosing the nice stitching quality. SO many decorative stitches! I doubt I'll ever use them all, but it's fun to have some and they came with it:-)
 I dropped the feed dogs to test out the free motion quilting ability. It took me a little bit to get the sweet spot for a great looking stitch. I had to manually adjust the tension all the way to the top!
 The stiches look great on the front and the back!
 Here's the cute baby quilt I just finished for a lady at our church. She named the baby Gwendolyn.....
yeah, well Gwennie it is!
 I also put in a bigger needle and did this jean mending job.
 These are a lady from work's sons jeans.
 Lyric sewed though those pocket corners without any hesitation!
 And sewed that thick crotch seam-that's like 6 layers of denim total-without a bit of trouble!
 Good looking patch job!
 These were Carhart jeans, the color is kind of funky in this picture, but again, Lyric sewed it lik eit was nothing.
SO all in all, Lyric passes the tests! I am a little unhappy with having to adjust the tension before free motion quilting looks good, but it does look good when I adjust it all the way to 8. It has a lot more room between the needle and the right side of the machine too, I fit that baby quilt though there like nobody's business! So nice!
It uses the plastic class15 bobbins-the same as my little ol' Brother machine and my old workhorse Baby Lock. The bobbins wind easily and threading the machine is really easy-no crazy loops to find! AND it comes with a walking foot as well as a whole slew of other feet. SO now I better get busy and sew something!

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