Wednesday, December 4, 2019


 So, home ownership is filled with all kinds of issues. One of ours is the drainage from the driveway.
Back in June-when I took this picture, we decided to see about having the driveway fixed so it would not create a lake in front of the pedestrian door every time it rains.
 Now in November the company we contracted with, back in June, have arrived to put in a drain system.
 They cut away the asphalt driveway closest to the house and dug down.
 They seem to be working pretty quickly. It's cold outside, so I imagine that's why.
 At the West end of the driveway, they pull out the lilac bush and cut away some asphalt there too.
 Then they compact the base and lay in the drain pipes. Those square looking ones with the black on the top are grates the will be in the driveway.
 This is the way it looks from inside the garage. The piping goes along in front of the garage roll up door, into the corner and then turns and goes the length of the house to the front yard.
 They put in a clean out opening at the end on the North, at the bottom of the hill. I'm not sure how we'll keep that cleared, but we'll see how it comes out.
 They excavated quite a bit of dirt in the front section, where the lilac bush was.
 They also brought in some gravel.
 And here it's about ready for the cement.

 THey had a ton of equipment parked all over the place, in the street, in the driveway, in the yard.
 Then the cement truck came while I was gone.
 You can see where they framed the end of the drain where the lilac bush used to be.
 Then they tucked in the cement under some burlap and left.
 I have no idea how long this will be, but I have people coming for Thanksgiving and they need to be able to come up the steps, so I call them and they say they will put the steps back for us on Wednesday-we can't drive on it for a while longer, but can walk on it.
 See the grates? They peeled the black tape off of them and chipped away bits of cement.
 So we're ready for Thanksgiving at our house.
 The cement is doing whatever it is that cement does,
And our family can get in through the front door! I can't drive into the garage though for 2 weeks or so!

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