Friday, December 13, 2019

Christmas Prep

 So, we drew names for the family Christmas get together, and I ned to mail my gift to my baby sister in CA. And Young Caitlynn has a gift to go there too. SO I boxed them up to get mailed. I noticed there's a little hint as to what is in the box as I was going to the Post office.
 The gift from Caitlynn is an odd shape, so I sewed a gift bag for it real quick.
 Pretty cute for about 10 minutes of sewing!
 I got the big nativity out this year. Bob is part of the stable animals this year. We moved his favorite box up higher, since when DD's dogs are here they tend to torment him.
 I got the Annual Gift Box from my employer! Isn't it packed pretty! Every year there is commentary at work about the box. And a lot of the time they talk about the packaging. Sometimes folks think they waste too much packing material, or there's too much plastic, or there's too much cardboard, it's always something. It must be hard to make several thousand employees and retirees happy.
The gift was a cooler bag. Well at least it's handy.
 I went with the rainbow tree this year. I saw it on the Instagram HGTV posted one and I thought it looked so pretty!
 I am absolutely in love with this tree! It took awhile to find all the colors of lights, I couldn't believe I didn't have any red lights with green wires, only red lights with white wires. But I had a set with twinkle red and clear, so I used them up top!
 I love the way it came out, but I'm going to hate putting it all away, I had to open every storage box to get all the colors I needed.
 So Pretty, and the topper is a vintage topper I got at an auction last year. It's wonderful!
 So pretty!
 I spent all day today with lovely Jean. We traded in her van, which was having issues and she needed to get it traded in as soon as possible. Look at the pretty sedan she got. It's a Kia Optima.
SO many cool features and we got a pretty good deal on it! It took all day, but we got it done!

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