Monday, March 23, 2020


 First...can you even believe the price of gas?! I actually got gas for $1.65 the other day!!!
 Anyways, I've been moving stuff out so the flooring people can come and install new carpet and flooring. First out, the heaviest stuff...that means you big sewing machine!
 Ringo is confused about the whole thing.
 Our carpet has been getting pretty horrible with dogs and kids and life in general! I got hubby to agree to new LVP-that's Luxury Vinyl Plank- in the computer room-similar to the kitchen/living room area.
 My kids came over to help me tear out he old carpet...aren't they the best! Unfortunately it turns out that you can't go to the landfill to dispose of anything. Regular people are not allowed, but business customers are, so we'll be holding on to the old stuff until they installers come. The kids had to unload it out of the pick up and put it in the garage! much work!!! Never let me try to save money on installation again! Just remember this and say no!!! SOOOOO much HARD WORK!!!
 Roll that old stuff up-DD is prying up the tack strips.  Ben & Jean do really good work-roll on family!!!
Here's what we're getting-carpet in the bedrooms and vinyl in the rest of the places.
Our original LVP isn't available any more, so we have to decide on something different-either try to match or coordinate. I'm a little bit stressed about having a fella come to the house with the way things are with the virus and all. But I'm going to ask him the four you have a fever, do you have a cough, have you had shortness of breath, have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or confirmed with Corona Virus?  I don't think I can deal with the mess of all the furniture and stuff in the living room and  in the garage for too long, so I hope he passes!
 This is hard to deal with!
And all this in the garage! UGGHHHH!!! I sure hope today goes well!

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