Friday, April 3, 2020

What A Week...or TWO!

 SO, Hubs and I decided on new flooring in the living room and new carpet in the bedrooms. We got an estimate from the folks at Carpet Tree in North Liberty, and I said well, we'll save that tear out and haul away fee and do that ourselves.
 Somebody should have smacked me up side the head. It's sooo much work to tear out carpet.
 DD, and Bean came over to help me. It was terrible.
 Ben & DD loaded the carpet in the pick up to take to the dump...but guess what? No one can go to the dump because it's closed to residential customers due to the Covid-19 virus. OMG!! SO we had to unload the pick up, and I called the installers and they said they would take it away when they came....
 There is soooo much carpet. Plus a big pile of it in the garage.
 The garage is just packed with stuff from the house. We had to empty the closets in all the bedrooms! What a bunch of work!
 I threw all the bedding in the bathtub!  I just don't care anymore! I've got so much furniture and STUFF to move out and MOVE BACK IN!And stuff that will go to the Salvation Army Store, but they are currently closed due to Corona Too!!!!
 But now look here! That's DD's dog Finn-he matches the new floor!
 That new flooring in the bathroom looks beautiful!
 I just love it! It's LVP-Luxury Vinyl Plank. SO it's waterproof and looks so nice!
 And in the living room too-I got new vent covers-don't they look nice? So much better than that old stained carpet!
 And, I learned that you don't have to remove the baseboard trim when carpet is being laid. So I didn't know that so I had to put it all back on too. Again, somebody should have smacked me in the head!!! Never again! I will just pay the price if I ever need this job done again!!
 Jean came over and helped me get it back on in our bedroom. Looks so good!
 She's pretty good with the nail gun!
 I had to do the other two bedrooms though.
 SOOOO many wire staples to pull out and then fit the trim back in place. In the closets too!
 Well, doesn't that look nice! I did a pretty good job too. I'm sure glad I purchased this little nail gun last year when they were on sale at Harbor Freight. It's a really fast tool! I got the air compressor for one of my work anniversaries. When you hit the 5,10, 15, 20, year anniversaries, you get to choose a gift from a catalog of lots of different things, I'm sure glad I got the little air compressor! It's been a life saver!
 Glad the flooring is all done now! It looks great and Feels wonderful underfoot! Now to get it all moved BACK IN! Bean came to my rescue and helped me move the big stuff in place. The computer desk is being a challenge, But I finally got it!!
I always think I'll remember how it should go, and I did pretty good this time!  I had it all correct! Now to get my sewing machine back in and get busy!

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