Friday, April 10, 2020

To Do List

 I've got the longest to do list for this long weekend! I need to get the stuff out of the garage and somewhat organized in the house. It's worse than moving! I also need to get the leaves out of the window wells in the driveway.
 When the driveway repair people were here last fall, they squashed the wire coverings into the window wells and they are packed with leaves-pet peeve-drives me crazy. There that looks better!
 The wind is working against me! Anyways, much better.  Have you heard about the Heart Hunters group? It started as a way to show support for our folks who are working the front lines of the corona virus pandemic, such as health care workers, firefighters and emergency folks. Posting hearts in the window of your home is the main idea.
 Plus DD brought me a We Stand Together sign too. The yard is looking a little desolate, but it's starting to bloom around here!
 Ringo was out in the yard last weekend-he thinks he's hiding I think.
 He was quite helpful when Ben came over to wash his motorcycle.
 It was a really pretty day last Saturday, so Ben took advantage, and got his motorcycle cleaned up.
Now the peonies and the lilies are coming up and I hope this weekend will be nice too. I need to fix the wheels on my two wheeled cart, replace the mower blades for the 1st mowing, get my sewing area under control so I can sew a few face masks and get the snow blower put away. SO much to do!!

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