Tuesday, April 14, 2020

More To Do Done!

 So, the last time my gardener...aka my DD...mowed she got a brick caught on the edge of the mover and bent the cowling and messed up a blade on the mower. Now the grass is coming along well, and so it's time to fix it. I ordered new blades from Lowe's on line for easy pick up. That's another story!
 It's a two person job for sure! We had only one fatality-the sawhorse! DD was banging on the edge of the cowling to get it bent back, and managed to kill the sawhorse. Ooopsy. I told her I'd need to get new sawhorses for Mother's Day..HINT! HINT!
 We got the job done though! I got the battery put back in and it should be ready to mow! YAY! My other to do was to fix the wheels on my two wheel hand truck. I went to put air in and the air was blowing out as fast as I could put it in!
 I was going to buy new inner tubes, but found out I could get whole tires for only 3.99 at Harbor Freight. The inner tube was 6.99, no brainer! New wheels coming right up! Prying that little ring off the axle was not easy! I finally got it off, but one went flying and I never did find it! SO I had to go to the hardware store to find a replacement.
They didn't have exactly what I needed, so I bought a few different options. Who woulda thought it would be so hard to find that little thing!
 Anyways, I ended up using these caps. They went on very easily with the hammer!
 Wow! That looks great doesn't it!
 Back in business! I use this hand truck quite a bit-especially when I was moving stuff in and out of the house for the flooring.
Now off to see about sewing a few face masks. There seems to be quite a large demand for them, and I do have fabric!

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