Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Backyard Time

 Well we had planned to burn the wood pile, but it rained a lot, so we had hot dogs in the house and then went out and had smores and beverages with wood from the store in the fire bowl.
 These little pyromaniacs got the fire going....
 after a couple of false starts.....
 There we go! Nice dry wood from the store is the trick to a good fire today!
 It's always fun to have the kids get the fire going-kind of a science experiment for them!

 And time to relax for the rest of us!

I  Love to toast the marshmallows! Jean is a marshmallow burner I think!!

 Dannie and her friend John, Jean & Ben and the kids, and 5 dogs....just right!
 With the Covid going around it was good to see the family all at once-they are all over occasionally but hardly ever all at once. We are all well so far-hopefully we'll keep it that way!
 And lookie here, the little tomatoes are coming on like gangbusters! They are delicious to eat too!
The full size tomatoes aren't doing much, only about 4 tomatoes on the pants. We'll see if they make it to eating or not.

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