Friday, July 24, 2020

So Much to Do

 Look at these little tiny tomatoes! They are delicious little things. The full size plants just are not producing but these little fellas sure are! Some of them are as tiny as a bead, some are almost cherry size, but they are sweet like candy!
 My gardener reported that the string trimmer was not cutting the string and it was beating up her leg! YIKES> I ordered a new cutting blade part. The part was $2.99 but the shipping from the B&D folks was $6.99! Anyways....
 I got the new one put on while the gardener is on break!!
 I got some new pillows at Costco-I love them, they are flat and smooshy, just the way I like them! So I made new pillow cases for them. This cotton fabric is so smooth and cool! I love it.
Ringo is just beating the heat in the house. Me too!

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