Wednesday, August 5, 2020

We Have A Problem

SO, we had the same guys who sealed our asphalt driveway last year, come and do it again this year. They did a good job at a good price and our driveway is getting a little ragged so it needed sealing again. 
Unfortunately, they had a little problem..... Their trailer which they had parked on the North end of the driveway, rolled down the hill and hit Darling Daughter's Jeep.  

We were in the house when she saw the trailer rolling away, I thought it was going to hit the tree!
Nope! Hit her car hard. We had both parked in the grass so the cars would be safe from any over-spray of sealant.  I parked in the grass on the North side, and DD parked on the South side-the downhill side sadly. Thank goodness Hubs wasn't home-the new Tacoma was safe!
Oh my, it's a lot of damage.....
Here they are trying to get the trailer back up the driveway-it's a pretty heavy trailer-their pick up was barely up to the task.
We had to move the Jeep so they could back up and get a running start at it.
But there they are-back where they started. The yard is a little worse for wear.
They did carry on and finish the driveway-looks good!
They did a good job sealing the big cracks and then spraying the whole thing.
It was a pretty day...until the problem.
We had the Jeep towed to the repair shop. Our insurance company is getting us all set up with a rental car and the estimate will be done soon. 
But at least the driveway is done! 

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