Saturday, August 15, 2020

Here's A New Word.......Derecho


So, on Monday we had a derecho. A derecho is an inland hurricane.
We had winds up to 100 mph in various places in Iowa. Thankfully, we had very minimal damage compared to so many. But no power!
One big branch on the deck, a few shingles and roof damage too.
Heavy rain and the plants are all blown over. Our neighbor lost a lot of tree branches. Look at the horrible damage just North of us in Cedar Rapids-

One big branch in the backyard, hanging in the neighbor's garden. 
Quite a few branches next door too.
I'll need to get someone over here to saw this one up-it's a little too big to drag down. But the bigger problem is no power!
After the storm passed the dogs were glad to be outdoors-they weren't so happy during the storm though!
I had high hopes when we saw the line workers across the street on Tuesday evening. They cleared a lot of branches off the lines, but still no power. I guess the wind got the flagpole too-it's a little leaned over. I tried to get ice on Monday night with no luck at all-sold out everywhere that was open.I got ice on Wednesday morning and re packed the fridge with bags of ice-because isn't the fridge just a big cooler when there's no power?
Finally on Thursday morning we got power!! Unfortunately I just was not bale to keep the fridge below 40 degrees for awhile when I couldn't get ice. So it's time to empty the fridge....deep sigh!
Out it all goes! I used a list from the Iowa Extension service
To be safe, I was ruthless. I thought hubs was going to cry. 
It's so hard to throw away food!! Most of our produce was still fine and most hard cheese was still good too. 
 Here we go, a nice clean fridge ready to re fill. And the freezer...oh my goodness.
We had so much in the side by side freezer.
But here we go, all cleared out.
We'll be fine-we have lard, bread and lemonade. So then on Saturday morning I made a run to the dump to dispose of the frozen food trash. I felt like I couldn't wait for an entire week in the heat for trash day because I just knew the food would be rotting away in the trash can outside. 
SO Jean and I loaded up a pick up full and hit the landfill at about 7:30 Saturday morning! And look almost no line to wait in-the early bird does...well no worms, but anyways, We have power, we're safe, and I hope the folks get power soon too!

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