Saturday, July 4, 2020

More Chores & A finish

First of all-look! Melnor came through for me! I got a new hose sprayer in the mail!
 That was a nice surprise! You'll remember that I sent them an email with the information about the sprayer that was leaking badly.  Our daily dog-saster-Finn felt like it was his day to eat the random item...this is the trim from the electrical outlet on the back deck.
 Here's where it was. I swear that dog gets bored and thinks to himself, hmmm, I wonder how that'll chew?
 See? I believe he's thinking about what to chew next. Good thing you're cute little grand dog!
 The tomato plants are coming along really well! We'll have some tomatoes in no time with all the rain we've had lately.
 I finished this quilt!
 It really came out good. I'm calling it the Covid Quilt! Hahaha
 I used this stitch on my Babylock Lyric, and as I was zooming along I bumped the buttons!
 From now on I'm going to take a picture when I get the setting where I want it. I had to stop and get my scrap again and figure out what I had set the length to. So annoying!
 I used this fabric that I got at JoAnn last summer for the back. With the turquoise thread it turned out pretty!
 I used the walking foot to quilt the length of the quilt on the sashing and then again in the center of each row. I just eyeballed it. Who has time for all that measuring!
 It looks pretty good I think. Remember I got this fabric at Aldi's of all places. It was really inexpensive and I got 4 fat quarter bundles for less than $20 or so, if I remember correctly...something like that anyways.
 Here's the back, you can see the pretty wavy turquoise stitching.
 I wasn't sure how the inexpensive fabric would hold up , but it washed well. No noticeable fading, and it softened up nicely.
 I put it on the twin bed in the storage facility-I spent last weekend getting it put back much work! I had boxes of stuff from when we had the new carpet installed.
 Anywas, it fits well with quite a bit of drop on each side.
 Good looking corners too!
SO glad that quilt is done! I also swapped mattress with the bed in Bob's room, I got a new mattress and the old one is better than the existing one in Bob's room, so I'll post it on the buy nothing FB page and see if I can get it out of here that way,  and then got the laundry done, vacuumed, scrubbed the kitchen sink, and various other things!
There's a 4th of July parade today in O town, but I think it's too risky to get that cozy with folks with the covid numbers still growing every day. 
Huibs thinks I'm crazy to worry about it, but I know at my work we wear masks and get temp checked before going in, and I am not taking any chances that I don't have to. Plus it's REALLY muggy today-I'll pass on sweating outdoors today!

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