Sunday, August 23, 2020


 So a few weeks ago, I started a new quilt-It's call Tall Corn Grows Here.  It's from the All Iowa Shop Hop 2020 Magazine. 

It went along pretty well. There are a couple of corrections to the pattern, but overall, it's OK.
THe blocks are big and bold-just the way I like them!
I got these nice shirting print fabric from the Brooklyn Fabric Company over in Brooklyn , Iowa. The neutral tan color is the Bernina 125th anniversary print-I got it up at Inspired to Sew in Cedar Rapids. It was on sale for only $6/yd!
Look! I got the hang of spinning the  center seam in the little 4 patches. They do lay a lot flatter this way!
Now the direction were a little vague to me, but I think I got it right by adding the sashing with different color corner stones.
There, that's the look I think!

The top is done, but I think I'll add a border just to make it a little bit larger.

There! I added a 4" border of the black shirting fabric. It's really the only fabric I had enough of to do it with. I think the pattern may have incorrect fabric quantities. No worries though, there is plenty.
Here we go! I got it up on the garage door to spray baste it. 
It's pretty big!  I pieced the back a little bit too.
I just love the look of these corn blocks!
See that peice of paper taped on the upper right corn block? I spotted a place where my seam allowance gave out! I'll have to go in and re sew it. I didn't want to lose the place, so I stuck a paper note there!
See, it's just a little too narrow. I had a lot of creative seaming in my efforts to not lose the points on the blocks.

Love love love this design!
You can see where I lost quite a few points, but when it's done, I don't think it will matter at all.

I'm glad I chose to add the border too. 
Here we go! All done now!
I hung it in the mulberry tree out back to get a photo.

I just used the walking foot on my Baby Lock and made straight lines the long way.
I thought about just doing a meandering design, but I guess it's good to try something different.

I just love this design, I'm thinking maybe I'll do it again, only in bright colors with dark background...hmmmmm.
here's the back side.
I got the backing fabric awhile back at Hobby Lobby, it was really inexpensive-so I got almost enough for the backing of a quilt. I had to add a little bit.

All in all it went pretty well. I did change the cutting and assembly for those black points and green points on the sides of each corn block. If you care to look, you can tell they just don't fit perfectly every time. I'm good with it though! If I make it again, I'll tweak it a little more I think.
SO that's one more all done. It finished at about 74"x90" and I used a variegated green thread for the quilting. Love the finished quilt-it's a good one!

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