Friday, August 28, 2020's always something

So my old mailbox has been bumped a few too many times, it was wobbly and barely hanging on to the post, despite my hammering it back in place every few weeks. So I ordered a new one....a CUTE new one.

It was pretty easy to install, I had to shorten the post a few inches-sawsall to the rescue! And as I was laying on the ground to tighten the lag bolts, I thought for sure someone would stop and make sure the old lady wasn't in trouble. But it's all good-took about 30 minutes to get it all done.

Cutest mailbox on the block!
So Bean is now homeless...they are staying with us for a week or so, 2 of the kids are at Gramma K's house and one is at Dannie's house until they close on their new house in North Liberty. SO this beauty is living in my yard for a little while.
It needs some new wood and maybe a new part here and there, but isn't it gorgeous!  It says Des Moines Park Swing on the arm sides. Jean was gifted the swing from her grandparents who live in Des Moines.
I just love the way it looks. They don't make em like this any more! I'll be sad to see it go to it's new home in a week or so.
So after the Derecho we had some shingle damage, so the insurance adjuster came out and took a look and said, yup, you need a new roof. 
See those chalk marks on the roof of the garage? Our guy was up there quite awhile and it sure made it look bad! From the ground it didn't look bad at all, but once he marked the bad spots, WOW! So we have that to get taken care of next. It really is always something!

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