Saturday, September 26, 2020

Derecho Fence Repair or Home Ownership part XXXVII


So you might remember that we had a part of a tree fall over our back fence as a result of the derecho back in August. It's pretty bad. I checked the length I needed and measured my car to see if I could get a 10' length of tubing in my car.  It will fit kitty cornered to the front. So off I go to Menards to get the tubing and I get there and discover that the tubing comes in 10'6" length...I'm not too sure about that extra 6'.......                                                                 

.I poked my car quilt against the front windshield, laid down one side of the back seat and that's how you get 10' 6" to fit in a Jeep Cherokee! YAY!

First, I had to replace the line post. We had a post already so I didn't have to buy another one...just had to dig a new hole.
Good! That's looking pretty good. I pounded the post in with the sledge hammer(with a board on top)  to get the height just right.
Ringo was helping.....or chewing his toy, maybe that IS helping! I used the sawsall to cut off the old part of tubing that wasn't bent-I'll need the length to add to my new part. Now to get that loop onto the post. The top of the post was just a little bit dinged up; so I used a file to smooth it down so the holder will fit on top. Darn close, I'll just use the hammer to tap it onto the post......
See what happens when you try to use the hammer to tap it onto the post? Luckily I had planned for just such an event and had a spare top cap part!
Here it is all finished!  It looks all nice and level doesn't it? I just eyeballed it! 
Now that looks so much better. Before & after! 

 There! Glad that's done! The neighbors are safe from the dog pack!

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