Friday, September 18, 2020

Home Ownership Part XXXIV or some huge number....

 SO this bit of "landscaping was messed up when the driveway sealer trailer incident occurred. 

The insurance company for the driveway sealer people says they will pay us for the damage, but I need to get an estimate from a landscaping outfit so they know what the cost could be.  I've called 4 different landscaping outfits, and not one of them has even returned my call or email. 
I mean I get it, folks are really busy this time of year, the durecho has made a mess for a lot of folks and I'm just not that big of a deal. But jeepers! Would it be too much to ask for a return call? I don't know if I'll ever get it estimated so the insurance folks can stop calling me!
My next project involves this ramp. I want to run  a heat tape on the underside so it will be ice and maybe snow free all winter. I unwound my long tape measure to estimate how much it will take, I guess about 70 feet for the 35' ramp. I emailed the heat tape company to see what they though about the idea....guess what? Yup, no reply. They say you can use the heat tape on a metal roof, to prevent ice dams, so I'm thinking I should be ok. But it might be nice to have confirmation before using a product.
And of course, in the "there's always something" file, the toilet was not filling well at all-like it took an hour to refill. SO I replaced the guts. It was very easy-no tools were even needed!!
It's the little things, that can just make ones day.  A good flush is rather satisfying. 

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