Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Little Things on the To Do List

SO, I talked awhile back about this pretty little machine I found by the dumpster at DD's condo building. EDIT! OOpsy, I thought I had talked about this machine....but I guess's where I found her....
Google tells me she's a British Singer from about 1966. She's a cousin of my original sewing machine that my Mom bought for me back in 1976. 
My Original Gal loaned her the bobbin case to see if she would go. I oiled her up a bit and.....
Look at that-away she goes! 
Here's the bobbin case she needs-on loan from my original gal.....hahah OG! 
She needed a bobbin case. So I got one ordered and it came and look at this. I popped in a new needle and threaded her and wheeeee!
She stitches a great stitch! I grabbed a few scraps from the bin and sewed up these little 9 patch blocks for a test run. I guess she'll be a back up to the back up machine.  Unless I can find a good home for her-I sure don't want to see her by the dumpster!! 
Then look at this light bulb I got for the front porch. It's a smart bulb. It is pretty smart! I can control the light with my phone app! 
When I go to work at night I would wish that the porch light was on, but I didn't want it to stay on all night long. SO now I have this smart bulb programmed to turn on at 8:15pm and turn of  at 9:05pm. 
And I can make it change colors with the app-what fun!  
And I thought I was done making masks, but MaMa Klux (Jean's Mom) asked if I could make her some masks for her annual get together with her gal pals.
She provided this cute chick fabric and I made masks they could reverse and be pirates for Halloween.
And I made some with the girly make-up fabric just for fun. 
Now maybe, I'm done with masks for awhile again!

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