Sunday, October 11, 2020

Two Finishes! New Roof!! New Quilt!

This truck showed up on Tuesday to deliver the roofing shingles and materials for the house! YAY! 
And two days later the crew showed up to replace our roof. We used a contractor called B.C. Roofing out of Muscatine/Davenport. They worked almost all day just to get the old stuff off.
There were two or three folks working all day long! They worked a good 12hr day! 
They got it all off on the 1st day and also go a little start on putting the new shingles on. 

And on Thursday they were all done by noon-ish.
The new shingles look really good. Insurance is going to be paying for this roof, thank goodness for insurance!
Now we just have a few more things to get done before winter. We have some gutter and downspout damage, but once again, it's a waiting game because the contractors are all so busy in our area with storm damage. 
And I got this quilt spray basted on the garage door after the roof was done!
It has been a UFO (unfinished Object) and you know how much I hate an unfinished object. I love this orange ombre' fabric I got quite some time ago, but I'm not sure it was used to its best advantage with this quilt. I had the black/gray ombre but ran out, so that's when it became a UFO. I located some more of the black/gray when we were on vacation back in January in FLA. 
I really winged it with this bargello style quilt. I'd never done one like this before, I read a bunch of helpful tutorials and watched a few videos and felt like it was do-able. Not so much.....I'm not crazy about it. And it's huge! About 90'X100". And here it is fresh out of the dryer.
It is so big, I just did meandering quilting on my Babylock Lyric. This quilt has Hobbs 80-20 batting so it's a little bit heavy. I've been using this batting for a lot of quilts lately-it's relatively inexpensive and always available, when I use a coupon at Hobby Lobby.
It feels nice, the fabric really is nice-so beautiful, I kind of wish I hadn't cut it up....
but it's done now! Here's the back side, I pieced the backing because it's so big and I didn't want to buy any more fabric.
I clothes pinned it to the trees this morning for pictures. It's kind of growing on me, but I don't think I'll try a bargello again. My execution is less than stellar.
But like they say, finished is better than perfect and it is finished, that's for sure. There are a few serious imperfections, but it will still be cozy this winter!
Who knows-It might end up as someone's Christmas present...we'll see.


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