Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Finishes and It's Mystery Time!

Here it is all finished. It's been a little cloudy the last few days, but these pictures are closer to actual color I think.
Nice even scrappy binding, I love that nice even stitching! And loopy loop quilting.
And good looking corners too! Sometimes things just work out well.
I also got a few more masks made up. A friend of my Mom's who lives in the heart of Cyclone Country, is a huge Hawkeye fan, so I made a few more Hawk masks for her to send to her friend. 

And a special mask for Mom too.  I got this Bernina Fabric in FLA when we were on vacation last February.
I've started using This Pattern  for this batch of masks. I like the extra nose piece. To me they are comfortable and fit better so my glasses don't fog up as badly. I made these masks with the nose wire in them this time too. Really it is a better fit with the wire.
And I saw this Holiday Hawkeye fabric and knew it would be  loved, so I made a few of them to mail off too! 
And it's getting to be that time, yes, Mystery Quilt Time. If you follow Bonnie K. Hunter-she's a very popular quilter-you'll know that she creates a special mystery quilt every year and you just have to go to her blog, HERE  to quilt along. She published the inspiration and the colors on Halloween and the 1st clue (or step) is coming up on the day after thanksgiving (Black Friday). This year it's called Grassy Creek. 
Last year was's my Frolic Quilt from last year......
I switched up a few colors from her choices. 
I love the look of this quilt and but was such a different assembly method, I hope this year's will be a little bit easier!
And here's her inspiration and color choices for this year....Photo from
And so the mystery begins! Photo from
Here are my fabric choices...I'm attempting something different, because I really don't have any red or orange in my stash and not much gold either! I started out with this-all from my stash...but it kind of seemed not good. Ringo, likes it though! I'd need to go scrappy on the grays, because I don't have enough. The Mystery quilt is always scrappy-that's kind of what they're famous for, but I'm going with yardage this year!
So then I took out the aqua solid color and put in a more subtle teal color and then I purchased one gray instead of multiple scrappy gray.... . I like it a lot better. I tried to not buy any fabric for this quilt, really I did! SO Mine will look quite a lot different! I'll keep you posted! 

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