Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Getting Caught Up


So I went and voted the other day. I chose to vote in person. In my little town, there's never a large crowd, so I could safely go in and vote.
It was a nice bright day too!
All done! And I also tried out these new M & M's. They're sugar cookie.
Not bad. Not the best or anything, but not bad.
I'm also closing in on the finish of this quilt.
I got it spray basted outdoors, and I'm trying to get time to get it quilted.
I'm not crazy about it, but I'll be glad to use up the one fabric that I'm also not crazy about. The pattern went together really well though. It's an A-OK pattern form Helio's in Mt Vernon-who is only doing mail orders.
Bob was helping.
I'm thinking some nice turquoise thread to quilt it. 

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