Saturday, July 10, 2021

Another Year Goes By

So I just passed the one year mark with my mattress. Remember I blogged about it last year, HERE.
I bought the Cocoon Chill mattress and it came in a box. And full disclosure, I didn't get any kind of perk for saying nice things about this mattress.
SO After one year. I gotta say, I still love this mattress. It's not too soft, it's not too hard, it's just right.
It looks and feels as good as it did the day I got it. I feel so much better, no hip or back pain and sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed, it's so comfortable! And it was the 4th of July the other day.

After more than a year of restrictions due to Covid, everyone was glad to see the 4th of July parade go on! Bring on the color guard! YAY!
And the fire trucks and other emergency services. Our small town is lucky to have lots of other small towns that come to each others small town 4th of July parades! 

Little Luna came to the parade with DD. She did a good job and wasn't afraid of any of the sirens and horns. She wanted all that candy the kids were hauling in!
It was a crazy hot day on the 4th. Sure glad we were lucky enough to get a shady spot to watch from. Earlier on the 4th, DD and I went to the antique shows around the county. First was the one over at Amana, then the one in Mt Vernon, then the one at the Johnson County Fairgrounds! 
Look what I bought. This is a cool tool. There was a guy with lots of tools and I picked up a cute little yard stick all folded was $110.    I put it down!
But at another place I saw this little ruler. Isn't it cute.  I love how perfect it is. Even the numbers that are on the brass part are lined up perfectly.
It's supposed to have a little brass T square that slides out, so I got it for only $9. I'm putting it in my sewing tool drawer. I love a cool tool. 

And lookie here, the materials that were on order to complete the deck arrived! I'll post about that when the work is done!


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