Monday, July 19, 2021

Mudding In the Yard

SO with the handicap ramp in the driveway, my hubs parks his truck next to it and then I can't fit with out driving on the grass beside the driveway when I back out of the garage. And it's muddy!
Look at that, I left a track of mud into the garage. So I tried some of these plastic grids that are supposed to let the grass grow in between the squares, but not get muddy. They were out there for a few weeks. 

They didn't really work very well. SO I pulled them out.
And poured in limestone screening. It's kind of like kitty litter made of rocks.
I used about a dozen bags. Then I put these cement blocks on top of the area where I have to drive. Mud problem solved.
We'll see if it lasts awhile or not. But at least I don't have mud in my garage now!

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