Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Busy, Busy, Busy


So it's all about the air conditioner again!  Look at that iceberg formed around the a/c line. I used the hair dryer to melt it away and then left the fan on the unit running all night to thaw the entire line. 
Then it happened again! So I called our usual repair folks at Affordable Heating and Cooling. They said there may be a leak or a clog. Great. They can't get to us until Monday (this was Thursday).
SO I thawed it all out again and then I place the stand fan in front of the unit thinking that maybe it wouldkeep it from letting water pile up and freeze. Well what do you know i! It worked! We were cool as ever over the weekend and it was no trouble to wait for the repair guy to get here. It was a clog in the area of the condenser coils. All fixed and good now!

When I got up on Friday, my Amazon delivery was here! I ordered non-chewable seating for the back deck. 
Now for assembly. It went together pretty well. Just remember to leave ALL the bolts loose until they are ALL in place, only two or three turns on the nut. Then go back and tighten them all up. 
I really like the bright red color!
And they are more comfortable than they look. 

These two approve!
Kids and dog approved!
Out there eating candy on the deck, what a sweet moment!
And another great moment-Luna got spayed! YAY!!
DD dropped her off in the morning and I picked her up in the afternoon. She's doing just fine and dandy! Very nice folks at the Iowa Humane Alliance. They are a non profit that offers low cost spay & neuter surgeery as well as offering all kinds of products and services for pet owners. 

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