Sunday, August 8, 2021

Last Week

So I took a week of vacation. It's been so nice. I took some time and worked on this's going on two years old, Oh my! Anyways, I did some straight lines along the chains. I sure do hope that purple marker does wash out like it says it will. 
Then, since I was on vacation, I went up top my Mom's and did some more of the embroidery designs in the corners. 
Her Bernina does such a beautiful job with the embroidery. 
So little by little, I'm getting this one done.
I imagine I'll need to make a few more visits to my Mom's Bernina. 
I was a little bit worried when I walked into her sewing area.....a hammer doesn't go well with that Bernina!! It's all good-she just was putting on a no sew button earlier! Phew!!

So since I was on vacation I decided hubs and me should go on a little day vacation. First we stopped at Graziano Brothers Italian Grocery in Des Moines. Hubs wanted to see what kind of goodies they might have. Then we went on up the road.

So we went to Winterset, Iowa. I had been thinking I wanted to go see the Iowa Quilt Museum. So that was our first stop.
It's in a beautiful old JC Penney building in downtown Winterset. 
It's much smaller than I thought it would be, but they really pack in the beauty!

This view from the mezzanine shows just how small it really is.
But look how pretty! This exhibit-it changes frequently-is from the New York.

Contemporary Art Quilts from the Manhattan Quilt Guild. Most of the quilts on display are 40"X40" to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

And there are bonus quilts, a little bit larger, on display too.
It was a nice visit. Short and sweet. 
So then we decided to check out the John Wayne Birthplace Museum. We're here, we might as well. 
So here we go. Well I went , Hubs said he would wait in the truck. OK, who knows, he may be the smart one....
And after paying $13 (I had a coupon from the Quilt Museum, plus another dollar off for being old) here's what you see......

 And you can watch a film about The Duke, it plays every 15 minutes, But WAIT-that's not all!
You can walk around the block and visit Marion's home!
So I stopped in there too, 4 rooms and some pretty furniture-not original to the home however.
Still I feel like $15 regular price admission is pretty steep for one room with a car in it and a little house. I guess I should have watched the movie. Anyway, check that off the ol list of things to do in Winterset. Next stop, The Bridges of Madison County.
Yup, it's a covered bridge. 

Take note-there is a gift shop at this bridge-Roseman Bridge. They have T shirts and coffee mugs and the like.
SO We let Google maps take us to the next bridge.....

It's actually been re located to the city park-very nice park it is!
There's a campground adjacent and nice picnic shelters too. 

On to the next bridge......

And the next creek......

And the next bridge......

Anyways, we went to 4 bridges. I'm sure true bridge lovers can appreciate the subtle differences, but for me, well, seen one bridge, you've seen em all. But it was a nice day and not too dusty on the gravel.
The last stop for the day was the drive in over in Newton, but before we head out that way, we made a stop at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery to say Hello to my brother.  
It was after 6pm so there aren't any folks there, but they have a computer in the administration building that is available all the time to locate your person. 
And here he is, over in section 8B space 330. 
The cemetery is really beautiful and peaceful, and Faron is located just South of the administration building-very easy to find.
Did I mention, if you are reading this and have not been vaccinated against Covid, do it today! 
Now on to the drive in. One more stop to pick up a box of chicken to enjoy at the movie. 
We saw Jungle Cruise with Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Emily Blount. It was not bad. Kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and The African Queen and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Lots of unlikely adventure going on, but still an entertaining movie suitable for kids and adults!

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