Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Kind of Disappointing Finish

Look! The naked ladies are blooming. They always are a nice surprise to see. 
Two of my favorite people arrived home safely from Sturgis, or as I like to call it, Covid at the cowchip. Too bad the car didn't fair quite so well, but my people are fine, Amen and Amen.
Funny thing here, am I right? Yes I am. 
 And then I finished this quilt. I've been wanting to make another Legendary quilt (Legendary is the name of the pattern), only with the Sasquatch in white, like  a Yeti or abominable snowman.  
Here's the first one I made back in January. I really love it. SO why couldn't the Sasquatch (Darrell) be white? 

I've been thinking about this a long time.
It's been in my head, and I think this might be just the fabric for it. It's some of the All Iowa Shop Hop fabric. 
Won't it look like Yeti strolling through town for an evening trek, won't it?
Yeti, looks OK I think, maybe if I get it in with the trees it will be better.....
Honestly, I should have left it in my head a little bit longer. 
Here it is getting spray basted on the garage door yesterday. 
I dunno, I think I made a bad choice for the background fabric. But what's a person to do? Go for the finish! That's what!
The backing is some tree fabric that I purchased, thinking about using it for the background, but didn't think it would look good. I used some scrap I got from my Mom for the binding. That's some good looking binding at least.
And I just did a medium meander all over the quilt this time.
It came out fine. Really. But the fabric choice really isn't the best. Oh well! I'll remember it next time!
Bob seems to like it.

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