Friday, September 3, 2021

It's Supposed to Be Better

SO, this is what's been going on in our small town. We're getting fiber optic that will replace our broadband internet service.  This #$%-*! was locating lines and came into our fenced yard without any notice and left the gate open! I nearly had a heart attack when Hubs let the dogs out and they all headed for the open gate!!! I was totally PISSED...yes I called the guy bad names. He's lucky no dogs went far or were injured. 
They're digging holes and running lines all over town! All I know is it's going to increase my internet bill. It better be a lot better, because what we have now is pretty darn good.

 Then today we had a little power outage. A tree up the street at Betty Stopko's house split in two and landed on the power line! I was driving home and saw it fall!!

I zoomed in a little bit on this picture and you can see the half of the tree laying over.
Glad it didn't take the power folks long to get it going again! Nothing like those poor folks on the East coast and on the Louisiana coast. 
And I'm working on this quilt now. More to come about it!

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