Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Repairs Continue

 I was heading out of town to go to work the other night and there was a big grass fire South West of town.

It looked like it was across the road, so I turned around and went to work the other way. 
I guess the farmer had it under control, the next day it didn't look like there was any abnormal damage. 

Anyways, I was going to talk about our new downspouts and gutter covers. 

Mr. Gutter-that's the company's name-came out last Saturday and got the downspouts replaced and installed wire covers on top of the gutters.
They installed a larger size and I think that will be a good thing. We often had our gutters running over in heavy rains, so maybe it will help drain it faster.
And I hope the metal stuff keeps the leaves out!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Go Hawks-The Quilt Finish

 I forgot to mention what I got DD Dannie for her birthday. I went shopping at one of the antique stores over in Amana, but didn't want to spend quite that much on a single item.....

SO I got her this tiny little Jadeite Chicken! We all know how much she loves chickens-HAHAHA NOT! I also got her a new Scentsy and a name necklace and a heart necklace and some really beautiful flowers, as you can see in this photo she took. The flowers WERE very pretty until I tipped them over leaving the florists driveway. Gahhh! I broke one of the lilies. Grrrr! Anyways, she loved them. I also finished this hawkeye quilt the other day. 
So These pictures loaded backwards-here's the finished quilt!
I used the walking foot to make pretty darn straight lines!
I like the way it turned out. It's a pretty cute pattern called Skylight from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Here's the link to it.
I was outdoors spray basting it and Caitlynn stopped by to ask me to fix a dress for her....later. It was a super nice day almost 60 degrees!
It looks a lot better in the daylight!
I like the little surprise boxes-everyone else who saw it while I was working on it didn't really like it. 
Here it is indoors. 
Those Hawkeye fabrics really work well together I think.
I've been collecting black & gold to coordinate for quite awhile. Here's the blocks laid out on my design bed. 
I think I made one more row than the pattern called for. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Big News and Birthdays

Yup...lookie here-I got the first of 2 vaccines today! YAY! One more in April. So glad to get this done!

On Saturday, this postcard kept taunting me....20%off...go over to Amana....

SO of course I caved and drove over to Heritage Designs.

THis is just the nicest store-It's not the biggest, but they do have a nice selection...and on sale!
I picked up a few of the Iowa prints, I've been thinking about the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt for awhile now. Than I saw a pattern on MSQC Youtube that I think will work out really well.

I already had quite a few black and golds stashed for this project.
And the first few blocks look pretty good! 

Then I came home and made a little birthday cake. It's a Mt Dew Cake.
People make soda cakes all the time, and you could use any flavor beverage. It came out pretty good. It looked pretty on the glass platter.
We also had the German chocolate cake to celebrate Dannie & Jaymie's birthdays.
It's been quite awhile since we have been able to get together. 
Everyone except me & Ben oh and Dannie's latest BF Shannon, had their vaccines, and the kids are always a wild card no matter what. 
Jaymie turned 13! 
We had breakfast for supper, pancakes and waffles with sausage & bacon.
It was really good. 
And with 7 dogs playing together it was like a scene out of Go Dog Go! Happy Birthday indeed!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 We're having some snow melt these days! YAY! 

Ringo is loving the warmer weather. 
And I went out and go this big quilt spray basted.

This is the Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt. 
I've been working on it since November.
It's too big to try to spray baste on the kitchen counter. 
SO I was so glad that the weather was about 40 and I could get outside to do it with my garage door method!
Here is is all quilted
And with the binding all done too! 
I purchased wide Cuddle backing from Missouri Star Quilt Company. SO I had to wait a few extra days for it to arrive.
I was trying to get a picture outdoors to show the colors a little bit better.

I just did  meandering quilting on the whole thing and loops around the edge. I'm glad to get this project done. It's been taunting me for weeks!
Done is always good, or as they say finished is better than perfect!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I 80 Shopping & Snow-of Course!

Cabin Fever has set in, so we masked up and headed over to Williamsburg, IA for the I 80 Shopping Spree. DD went with me! Love to spend a little time with my girl.
Lots of stuff to see! So many beautiful quilts and fabric!
And they served food and had the signature cocktail too! They're all fancy! I also took the display Nolting long arm for a quick spin. Hmmmm, I am in lust for sure.
I didn't take a picture, but here's one from the Nolting website. It was such a nice relaxing time-easy to keep our distances and of course masks!
And of course the snowblower broke down. My faithful old workhorse up and died on me.  SO Hubs bought this beauty.
It's an Ariens-Made in the USA. Kind of pricey, but those heated hand grip-WOW!!
I took her on the maiden voyage to clean up a few snow piles out in the driveway.
It worked very well. It's a lot heavier than my old one. It's all metal-no plastic on the chute at all.
Unfortunately, I think we'll have a few more trips down the driveway before it's time to store her away for the summer.