Friday, August 5, 2022

Dogs and Sinks

So, last weekend we dog sat for ALL the grand dogs.
This boy has issues-he just waits for his people to come back. 
These two went on a work trip and to see the GooGoo Dolls in concert. They are still out working in Fargo and those areas. We transitioned the dog sitting to other folks!
These two went to Milwaukee for a motorcycle meet up. Thankfully they got home safely, and all the dogs have gone to their homes.

We had Ackerman Plumbing come in and replace our kitchen sink and faucet. See the old one here-it's in pretty bad shape.
And here's the in progress. I had to get my saber saw and trim the countertop opening a little bit. I watched a youtube video real quick-the plumber wouldn't cut the countertop-not their issue. SO I took matter into my own hands!
And here's the new sink! Looks sooo good!
And the fancy faucet. Now to get the drinking water to work again. The plumber changed the filter for us and now it won't work. We've got a guy coming to take a look at it.
We might have to get a new one. What next!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Baby Quilt Inventory

SO Still kicking around in the HAIRY boot.  SO I put some borders on these two cute panels.

Then out to the garage door for some spray basting.
I'm using up a bunch of scrap batting for these two. I'm out of batting!
I did the two borders a little different on each one. I struggle with the crooked edges on these prints. But they're sure cute and trendy.

There's a tiny grid on the background of the picture, so I decided to do a straight line grid on one of the panels. 
I used the crayola washable marker to make the lines, and then used my walking foot to quilt it.
The other panel I just did my favorite meandering quilting. I pieced the backing on one of them and the other I used some darker gray that I had on hand.

The binding looks really good too!
One with grid and one with meandering. 
Now off to the washer! But OOPS! I didn't use any detergent at all and look!
The marker didn't wash out! YIKES! In it goes for another go round with some Tide! Phew, all good, it washed out fine. And here they are all washed and ready to gift.

Now let's see, what else can I get used up from my stash-that is overflowing my shelves.
Oh yeah, this cute Red Riding Hood fabric I got shop hopping, I think, last year! Look one print with the cute Red Riding Hood pictures is from Dear Stella and the story in words I'm using is from RJR Fabrics. 
I'm using a pattern I got shop hopping THIS year called BQ4 from  Maple Island Quilts . Their line of BQ quilt patterns are really easy and fast to make and use a bigger block so you don't cut up cool prints into tiny bits. 
See Bob there, helping?

And out to the garage door for spray basting!
This is a really modern design-I really like it a lot. 
If I had a higher contrast between the two Red Riding hood prints, I might like it even more. 

I'll probably make this one again-maybe in the bigger size-the pattern has multiple size and layout variations.

I liked this story print with the whole story on it, but I wanted to make sure I got the whole story on the quilts so I put it going the long way on the back! It's cute!
The binding looks good, I had to use a bit of the word print to have enough for the binding. 
And out to the tree for a big photo. 
Good looking quilt!

I just did the easy peasy meandering again on this one. 

If I was more patient today I might have free motioned a more boxy shape, but I wasn't in the mood for it.  And here's the back! It looks good and you can read the story!

That's all for baby quilts for awhile. I'll be ready for the next time I need to have a gift! Now what next?


Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Tenex Procedure

 I've been having a lot of pain from my Achilles Tendon, I mean a lot-when I got off work some days, it was a struggle to make it out to my car. Going up and down stairs was just killing me! I had x-rays, and an MRI and then Ultrasound and they all agreed that I needed to do something. The choices pretty much were 1. go have a major invasive surgery that cuts out the Achilles tendon and then reattaches it and maybe use some tendon from somewhere else to fix it, and be out of work for about 6 months or more or 2. go have a Tenex procedure that uses soundwaves to remove the calcification and bone to relieve the pain and be out for about 3-4 weeks.  So, on the 20th I went and had a Tenex procedure to fix my calcified Achilles Tendon and fix my Haglund's deformity.  (That Haglund's thing is a bone that's growing out and poking into the Achilles tendon-it hurts pretty bad.) The U of Iowa department of Sports Medicine has this procedure and I was surprised at how easy it was!

Web MD Tenex Here's a link that kind of explains what the Tenex procedure does. This is day one. They actually only made 3 small incisions to insert the tool in there to remove the calcification and Bone .
I have a little bit of bruising and a little bit of swelling, but honestly it doesn't hurt really at all....well I'm still pretty numb from the local anesthesia, but really not in pain at all.
I can tell you it's hard to take a picture of the back of your foot!

So here's day two. Still no pain really. The worst pain is from the boot.  I don't have a photo of the boot....yet....hang on.
Anyway, day two feels good, looks good-I mean what I can see anyways.
Here's day three, looks the same as the day two to me.
I was put in a boot after the procedure and I'm supposed to keep it on for two weeks. I can take it off the sleep and to shower, so that's good. But that boot is hard to get snugged on tight enough to not slip up and down on my heel. 
Here's day 5. Still looks good and really no pain at all. The boot is actually the painful part.
I can see one of the incisions and it looks good-healing nicely.
And here's the boot. 
I should call it the HAIRY boot-it's pretty much covered with dog hair because my fella thinks he needs to be touching the boot all the time.
Ringo seems to know it doesn't belong here! 
SO that's where we are with the foot fix. I'm feeling pretty confident that this will work out well. I go back on the 9th and then I have physical therapy on the 10th for a week-hopefully less!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Exploding Heart Quilt-Hawkeye Edition

 So, I've been working on this quilt pattern for quite awhile....It's been a really trendy pattern for while on the internets. I'm a little late to the party.....

Photo from Life of Pi
I decided to use Hawkeye fabrics in black, gold and gray.
The pattern calls for about a zillion of these-half square triangles, quarter square triangles and whatever 3 corner triangles are called. 
The little spinning four patch on the back is always cute. 
I've been sewing on this old lady. You might remember this is the one I saved from the dumpster over at DD's condo building. She does sew really nicely-but I miss the needle down and the thread cutter and all the bells and whistles. I took my modern machine in for annual service, so it's a vintage one for the time being. 
So after making 300 and some blocks, assembly begins. The pattern puts each entire row together than you connect the rows. I kept getting confused which row I was on, so I used a post it note to cover the other rows and split the row in to twosies, so I could chain peice.
See all those blocks stacked into their piles with a post it note label. Hard to believe they'll almost all be used. 

It's starting to come together, I seem to have neglected to take a picture of the rows coming together-I didn't lay the rows out ahead of time. I just selected the blocks from the piles required and stitched them together without previewing them at all--gotta have faith!
And here's the top all assembled. It'll need a good pressing that's for sure!
It's something like 74" square but I'm going to add a border maybe 3 or 4" all around. I don't like the idea of all those seams just hanging out there to come apart while quilting. 
And here we are spray basting out on the garage door.
I think it came out good.
Not too many places with the same colors next to each other. 

It took forever to make all those blocks.

Here's a link to the web page for  Slice of Pi Quilts. You can go see all the different ways folks have made them. I haven't seem many of them that used a print background fabric, but I like the look I achieved using this print background fabric.
And here's mine all finished. 
I used the curvy stitch to make curvy straight lines on the diagonal-only one way-to quilt ti. 
And you can see the gray swirly backing fabric.
And good looking corners too! I used black white & gold striped fabric for the binding. 

I took it outside this morning to try for some better shots of the whole thing. 

The tree in the backyard does pretty well to hold these bigger size quilts.

It finished at about 80" square. I'm glad I added the border-same as the background fabric-to the edges. Makes it a little bit bigger and seems more sturdy to me. 
I'm glad this one is done! I like it a lot, but will probably give it away for Christmas or something. 
And, by golly, it does look like the pattern!